Sight Screens - Manuka Oval


Project specifications

This year was the first time Manuka Oval hosted a men’s international cricket test match. One of the requirements for international cricket is for sight screens to shield the batsman from distraction when they are facing the bowlers. 

Our site screens for the Sydney Cricket Ground have been such a success that we were approached by Manuka Oval to create a similar solution for them.

Location: Manuka Oval, Canberra

Unique challenges

The screens had to be tight, neat, not move in the wind, and not create glare in the sun. Test matches carry on throughout the day so installation angles had to be analysed for coverage and reflection across long periods. 

The screens needed to be cost effective and quick to install because they get setup for every single match, approximately 10 games per season.


We utilised our tension fabric structure technology to create tension sight screen covers. They’re flat, don’t move in the wind and look great. They are all custom made. Different configurations on both sides required different techniques to suit the project specifications.


The result was sensational. The fabric covers were tight and neat and provided the required coverage the Australian cricketers and the international travelling teams require for batsmen.

Our knowledge of these kinds of requirements makes fulfilling stadium projects so much easier, including getting approval from Cricket Australia, The Australian and international teams and match referees.

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