Drapes & Curtains

Drapes of all sizes and descriptions

All the world’s a stage, and we’ve created some incredible drapes and curtains for it.

We supply drapes and curtains for theatrical applications including theatres, schools, school halls, film sets, cinemas and exhibition centres.

Some of our clients include Sydney Opera House, Ensemble Theatre, Cockatoo Island film festival, Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney Theatre Company, and Bell Shakespeare Company.

Our draping and curtain solution can also include track runners, motors, festoon curtains, wool fabric, IFR wool fabric, molton fabric, sharkstooth gauze, seamless nessel canvas scrims, velvet fabric, velveteen fabric, filled cloth for chroma key fabric.

We custom manufacture stage drapes, stage curtains, specialty theatre installations, shot bags, canvas backdrops and bespoke art pieces.

Our commercial work also includes shade sails, playground shade, tension membrane structures, waterproof shadecloth, custom awnings, custom netting, safety netting, fall netting, construction safety netting, stage cloth and curtains, theatrical drapes, and custom fabric artwork.

Would you like to know more? Please call 02 8033 7754 or email tom@pattons.com.au to book an initial consultation.

Take a look at our Architectural, Safety Netting, Schools, or Staging brochures.

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